Laser Facial Rejuvenation Series

This series combines 2 treatment modalities: AFT™ and Pixel® to treat
pigment, texture, and tightness. The AFT treats skin discoloration caused
by Rosacea (red cheeks), facial veins, freckles, and brown spots caused
by sun damage. The Pixel softens undesirable texture such as large pores,
rough skin, acne scarring, vertical lip lines, and crow’s feet.

  • AFT – Advanced Fluorescence Technology
    This is a light-based facial treatment to treat skin discolorations, such as hyperpigmentation (brown spots/sun damaged caused by the sun), superficial capillaries on the face(broken blood vessels), and Rosacea(redness predominantly to the cheeks). AFT treatments leave your skin looking rejuvenated with no down time.
  • Pixel® Laser Resurfacing
    Pixel® treatments ablate the surface of the skin and stimulate collagen to fill in gaps, which reduces fine lines and scarring and improves roughened texture. A pixel treatment is also highly effective in reduction of pore size. This is a popular treatment that yields baby soft skin.

Laser treatments can be used individually or in combination to treat specific problems or together to achieve greater results. We recommend a personal consultation with us so we can determine the best treatment series to meet your individual goal

Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how to best treat your skin issues.

Brown Spots, age spots, and freckles:

Hyperpigmentation, also known as dark brown spots, age spots, or simple light freckles, can be treated by applying topical agents or by a few easy laser treatments.  Laser treatments for hyperpigmentation are highly effective yet simple and require no downtime, except avoidance of the sun for a few days. The result is clean-looking, beautiful fresh-looking  skin

Facial Veins, Redness, and Rosacea:

Facial veins, redness, and rosacea can be treated with a series of laser facial treatments. We use pulsed light to target and reduce the red discoloration. Rosacea can also be treated with topical solutions as well as oral antibiotics. The result is a clean and fresh look. Please feel free to schedule a consultation so we can help you to design a treatment plan specifically for you.